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StoryPeople Inspirational Art and Gifts

Explore our happy, quirky, and thoughtful stories,
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Sisters Print

A brand new print that's selling extremely well.

Having a sister is a little like going on an adventure, but instead of going alone, you get to have someone who knows how to make you laugh, who will listen to your secrets and keep them safe, and who loves you, not because you are the brightest star in her sky, but because you are sisters, and you always will be.

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Top seller

Heart Lines Card

One of our all-time best-selling greeting cards.

There are invisible lines connecting everything together, and I am particularly fond of the one that connects me to you.

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Brighter Days

Our latest book is filled with colorful art and thought-provoking stories. We loved hearing about a woman who bought the newly arrived book in a gallery, and came back the next day to buy nine more.

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  • Classic Prints

    Discover the joy of seeing your customers find the stories that speak to their hearts and lives. Heavy weight, creamy archival paper. With a foam core back and plastic sleeve for protection.

  • Colorwash Prints

    The print-size version of our cards, these are great for people who like the colorful background and the bold font. Creamy heavy weight archival paper on foam core back with plastic sleeve.

  • Greeting Cards

    Our greeting cards have the stories and quotes that customers will love to share over and over again. They provide connections with their loved ones and all their friends for most every occasion.