wholesaler's handbook

The two companies of Brian Andreas Studio & StoryPeople are partnering to share one convenient website! This means you now have access to the entire catalogue of Brian's work... all his old work from StoryPeople & all the new work (that you see if you follow him on Instagram) in the Studio.

All on one site, everything sent out in one shipment, working with one contact person. 

Which brings us to this new information & online guide as we move forward together:


Do you have a catalogue you can send me?

Not at this time. But, since so many of you have asked, we're planning to offer a catalogue in 2018!

For the remainder of 2017, we will send out monthly emails and brief newsletters that will update you on any new stories or up-coming product additions or changes – for both Brian Andreas Studio & StoryPeople

Additionally, when you log in to the online site, you can access an all new dealer manual. This includes

  • the entire list of available stories from both StoryPeople and Brian Andreas Studio
  • specific product information
  • terms and conditions (the contract we have with you)
  • FAQs
  • the current monthly newsletter

If you'd like a hard copy of this manual mailed to you, just let us know! You'll be able to print out any updates we send in order to keep it up-to-date.

I'm interested in a wholesale account, what do I need to do?

To qualify for wholesale purchases, you must be a valid retail business with a brick and mortar storefront.

Email us and let us know you're interested in becoming a retailer. We'll need: 

  • a copy of your business license
  • a copy of your Federal Tax ID

Once you're approved, we require an initial credit card order of at least $250.00. After your initial order, there are no minimums for orders.

Something new to know... To remain an active retailer, we require you to order a minimum of $500/year. 

The other thing you should note is that our most successful gallery owners carry the full line of Brian's work. There are sculptures on the wall to grab customer's eye, at least 40+ prints to leaf through, and books that serve as a catalogue for return purchases. Cards are lovely, and either get framed or sent. 

One story sells another. So what we're really looking for are galleries to carry the entire line. It's the best possible way we can support you!

I already have an account set up with StoryPeople/Brian Andreas Studio. Why do I have to set up a new account?

We understand many of you have been working with StoryPeople for a very long time. But since there been a lot of changes around here, we want to be sure we have the most up-to-date information for you, and you have the most up-to-date information for us. We also want a recommitment on your part and ours, so we can more actively partner with you.

So for those who already have accounts, before we can ship your next order, we ask that you (re)send a copy of your business license & tax ID along with a signed copy of our new Terms and Conditions.

This can be emailed to fia@storypeople.com or faxed to 563.382.0263

Do you offer zip code protection? 

We give exclusive territories based on market. This is different than zip code protection. There are cases where we may have two galleries relatively close together geographically. But because their markets are completely different, it's rare for the customer base to cross over. 

What's important for you to know is that our relationship with you needs to be active and with a consistent flow in order for us to turn away other galleries in your area that may be interested in working with us. 

There are so many stories & I don't have time to go through all of them. Can you help?

Of course. If you would like some help integrating the new stories into the older ones or setting up an overview of Brian's work through the years, just call or email us and we'll discuss the possibilities. 

Also, the monthly email and hard copy newsletter will let you know about current bestsellers, new product information, along with any new stories being released.

What are the payment terms? And which company do I pay?

We offer NET 30/60/90 to galleries that have a proven payment record with us. If you are new to us, we require an initial order of $250 paid at at the time of shipment. After the first three (3) orders with us that are paid at shipment, we will work with you to determine NET terms. 

For ease & simplicity, payment for orders should be made to StoryPeople. Please check your invoice – the address and any necessary information will be listed there. Mary is our brilliant accountant, and she is your contact for any questions regarding billing: mary@storypeople.com

What are your shipping rates and how soon will my order ship?

We offer real rate shipping through either UPS or USPS. This is added to your invoice at the time of shipping.

We are able to get your order out in 2-5 business days. During the holiday season or a new book release, it may take us an extra 2 days. If you have a particular timeline, call us and we will do our very best to make magic!

Where will orders ship from?

Currently, everything ships from Decorah, IA. You may have heard we will be relocating the company in the coming months... It's true! As soon as we have everything lined up, we promise to give you all the details!

Is it true you're bringing back sculptures?

Yes! We will include information detailing pricing, terms and available styles in our August newsletter. 

Do you have any display requirements or suggestions?

Under our new contract, we do now require galleries that carry Brian's work to have signage. We want it to be the right fit and size for you, so we're currently working on a few options. We're in the studio right now repainting boards & creating sculptures that will help showcase this work.

Keep an eye out to your email/newsletter for more info on this! If you have questions, just let us know & we'll work together to come up with an inventive and fun solution that is specific to your space!!

Why are there differences between your retail site & this wholesale site?

We have big conversations about this… in this crazy world of online shopping, how do we support our retailers?!? We prefer to shop local, but in reality, we balance this with online shopping because… well… we currently live in northeast Iowa in a town of 8,000…

So. This is how we'd answer. There may be items we have available online or we may offer a limited time deal online, that we can't extend to you... and it's simply due to margins.

That said, what we'd really love is for folks to visit you & to shop online! So, to help direct folks in your direction…

  • We will provide an online map with your location/web address, & encourage folks to seek you out whenever they can
  • In our monthly newsletters, we'll give you anticipated dates when new & seasonal products will be made available to customers – so you can order ahead of time & release on the same date
  • If there is a world event that prompts Brian to write a story (such as the Women's March or Orlando) we will do our best to make these prints available to you as soon as possible – the quickest way to be in the know is to follow Brian on Instagram and we'll send out an email with info as soon as we can make something available!
  • And in the very near future, we're looking to offer you items to carry, that we don't… so customers absolutely must seek you out in order to find a particular way a story is offered… more on this very soon!

We'd love to schedule a book signing with Brian – how do we do that?

A book signing is great for all of us! Here's what we require:

  • An order for a full case of books prior to the signing
  • Lodging & in-town transportation costs covered for Brian (he'll take care of getting from our city to yours)

Also, Brian & his partner, Fia, lead workshops across the country through A Hundred Ways North. Check out their schedule to see if/when they'll be nearby – and it's possible they may integrate a signing into their schedule!

We've covered a lot, but if you still have questions, just give us a shout out! We'd love to have a conversation with you!